Tuesday, April 2, 2013

RWUG is now on Facebook

I've started an RWUG Facebook page to support this blog. It's a work-in-progress and I haven't figured out yet exactly what I'll be posting on that page or even how to use Facebook. But maybe I'll post some of my paintings, photos of my workspace where I write the rants, and more comedic writings. Anyway, there's now a Facebook link at the top right of this blog.

And now for the inevitable skepticism about Facebook. The relevant South Park episode together with The Social Network movie and dozens of anti-Facebook articles on places like Salon.com are pretty compelling. The question is whether Facebook elevates us towards posthumanity or degrades us. I suspect the latter. I'm not a fan of Facebook, which is why I haven't made a Facebook page until now. (Actually, I joined several months ago and then forgot about it.) 

At the moment, though, I have two reasons for joining that social network. First, I'd like a forum to share some of my other interests and I'd like this blog to remain as a repository of my philosophical rants. Indeed, I'm looking into Pinterest, besides Facebook. Second, I'd like to lay some groundwork to spread the word when the first novel in my genre-crossing zombie apocalypse series comes out. I'm 200 pages into the first novel, I've got maybe a fifth left to write, and I'm really proud of it so far. The series will be consistent with the philosophy and religion worked out in RWUG, but the focus in the novels is on characters and action

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