Thursday, March 29, 2018

Video: The Heartless Vision of Nature

Here's a movie I made based on Stultified by Reason: The Heartless Vision of Nature. Unfortunately, the movie may not play on some devices (maybe mobile phones and video consoles), because it was flagged for copyrighted content; I used excerpts from some well-known movies to make my points, which is supposed to be allowed under fair-use laws. This is evidently some corporate-friendly compromise I didn't know about. 

Anyway, from now on the movies I'll make will be shorter and won't use clips from major motion pictures. The next one will be based on Opposing Nature: Life's Meaning in a Monstrous Universe.


  1. Great video! I just wanted to let you know it plays perfectly on my Android mobile phone.

    1. Cool. I see that it works on my iPhone too. Youtube was vague about the effects of the flagging for copyright. It says the movie "may not" appear on those devices. So who knows? But I won't bother taking the chance for the next ones.

  2. Your book "Cosmic Horror" is one of my favorite books. I hope you'll publish another collection of your writing (in print - paperback etc.)

    1. Thanks very much. I can certainly put up a newer anthology on Amazon. Would you prefer one with wide-ranging contents, like the last one, or one that's focused on a certain theme? I wouldn't want there to be much or perhaps any overlap between the two.

      Have you checked out my novel God Decays? I've been meaning to fix the black levels on its cover and send in a draft with some minor improvements I've made to it, but I'm pretty proud of that book.

    2. Leave out the political stuff if you do a second book. You had a post about sex, that mentioned The Matrix movie that I really enjoyed, but can't seem to find.

    3. I went through the articles and picked a bunch that weren't used in the last anthology. I happened to leave out the political ones except for a couple on Trump, including the dialogue on Trumpism.

      I wrote ten or so articles on sex, and indeed none mention The Matrix, according to the blog's search function. One of the best in that category, in my view, is "Sexual Bliss and the Anguish of Enlightenment," and I have that one picked out for the next anthology, along with "Sex and the Authentic Self." Those are some of the more important or central ones. I'll look some more for articles that refer to The Matrix, but you might be misremembering. You can use the blog's search function to find all the articles that refer to "sex" and "matrix."

    4. I could be misremembering. It seems that it went into the disgusting aspects of sex, and discussed bodily fluids, the pumping mechanized nature of it. It was also an old post, maybe 2011/12/13?

    5. That sounds like "Science and the Matrix Metaphor" (see the last paragraph of the section "Our Biomechanical Overlords"). Or it could be "Embarrassment by Sexual Ecstasy," but that one doesn't refer to the Matrix.

    6. Ah, I knew it had the Matrix in it! That one is great. If that one wasn't in the first book, it would be a great addition to the second. I checked my copy CHFCA and did not see it.

    7. Ben, to answer your question...

      A mix of the best of your newer stuff, theme organized if possible, even if it has been collected in PDF.

      And I don't mind if it's a tome like your last work. :)

    8. I've been working on the second paperback anthology. Here's the working table of contents, divided into three sections with some fancy Latin names that I translate in the Intro I wrote for it (the Latin adds a touch of Lovecraftian mystery, I think; I don't pretend to speak Latin):

      Intro: The Anthropocene: When the Universe Disgusts Itself

      Naufragium Religionis
      Reason, Attitude, and Ultimate Reality
      Christianity and the Axial Age
      Clash of Worldviews: Eastern and Western Christianity
      Outer and Inner Gods: The Encroachment of the Inhuman
      The Fraud of Theology
      The Sham of Philosophical Theism
      Scientology, Christianity, and the Persistence of Cults
      Reason, Faith, and the Authentic Self
      Is the Devil a Hero?
      Clash of Worldviews: God and the Devil
      Cosmicism, Tragedy, and Greek Mythology
      Deflating Traditionalism: Why Existentialism beats Spirituality
      Why is there Something rather than Nothing?
      Horror for the Codes of Creation
      The Meaning of Death
      Posthuman Religion from the End of Art

      Ratio Consumit Ratio
      Stultified by Reason: the Vision of Heartless Nature
      Technocracy, Buddhism, and Technoscientific Enlightenment
      Ancient and Modern Enlightenment: from Noosphere to Technosphere
      The Roots of Instrumentalism and Mysticism in Science
      Are Minds like Witches? The Catastrophe of Scientific Progress
      The Irrelevance of Scientific Determinism
      The Incoherence of Naturalism
      How to Fathom the Nature of Truth
      Life as a Dream: The Secular Myth of Objective Truth
      Wisdom, Horror, and the Folly of Secular Humanism
      Reason, Progress, and the Frankfurt School
      Science and the Matrix Metaphor
      Beasts in Suits: The Regressive Impact of Scientific Management Theory
      Calling All Human Robots: Don't be Too Introspective at Work
      When Madness is Normal: Sanity in the Minds of Animals and the Rise of Divine Persons
      Clash of Worldviews: Is Philosophy a Boon or a Con?

      Ars Vitae
      The Art of Narrating Ourselves into Being
      Decadence, Enlightenment, and the Great Story
      Taking Fictions Seriously: Why the Late-Modern Show Goes On
      Why all we do is Art for Sages
      The Strangeness of Normality: Alan Moore on Art and Magic
      The Miracle of Intelligent Selection of Events
      The Nature of Sympathy
      Sadism and the Horror of Liberty
      Atheistic Morality despite Life’s Absurdity
      Sex and the Authentic Self
      Sexual Bliss and the Anguish of Enlightenment
      The Philosophy of Existential Cosmicism


    9. Excellent, I would look forward to this coming out in paperback form. Please post once the book is out.