Monday, February 25, 2019

Howling in the Void: Second RWUG Paperback Anthology

I have another paperback anthology edition of my RWUG articles available now on Amazon. It's called Howling in the Void, and there's no overlap between its contents and those of the first one, Cosmic Horror for Clever Animals

The new anthology is 574 pages and it includes a previously unpublished introduction called "The Anthropocene: When the Universe Disgusts Itself," but otherwise the articles are all drawn from my blog. The eBook edition is also available here on Amazon. 

While I'm at it I might as well mention my philosophical zombie apocalypse novel, God Decays


  1. Excellent! I too hopped on Amazon with a vengeance. Do the articles pull from the entire life of the website? I'm assuming so from the length. The first volume was a fantastic selection, I'm very excited to explore the new book. I suppose this stands in for no recent PDF collections ha. Congrats, Ben.

    1. Thanks, Guthrie. The articles include some older ones as well as new ones. It's a mix, but the articles are mostly newer since most of the older highlights were already collected in the first anthology, and I didn't want any overlap. (There almost was overlap by accident, since until a few days ago I was set to include "The Incoherence of Naturalism" in the new anthology, which was already put out in the first one. But I caught that repetition and replaced that article with "Is there Something rather than Nothing?")

  2. Bought instantly also, very excited. I've bought all the books.

  3. Been at the gas station reading this the past three hours, some of the hardest hitting depth psychological and philosophical discussion I've ever witnessed. Truly a deep well of dark wisdom.