Wednesday, September 9, 2020

On Medium: Grim Theater: the Greater Rationality of Reelecting Donald Trump

Here's an article about a condition under which it might be more rational to reelect Donald Trump than to vote for Biden, the condition being that the country is beset by structural defects that aren't likely to be reformed in the foreseeable future, in which case the most the American population can hope for from its government is entertainment (specifically, gallows humour), not problem-solving. That's where Trump and the shenanigans of the Republican sociopaths and guardians of plutocracy and Christian theocracy come in: they're the superior entertainers.  


  1. Rationality is everything less trump and its forrestrumpists.. sorry. My concept of rationality aka reason is kinda different.

  2. Ben, glad you're still churning out articles. You're a machine! Unstopable! And so much insight that you have...

    Are you planning on a second blog-based book like cosmic horror?

    I'm fortunate to live in the same city as you, we should grab a beer some time! Do you lecture as well?


    1. Thanks.

      I've put out three anthologies on Amazon, and a fourth is in the works, focusing on religion. The links to these books are at the top-right of my blog, although they may not show up in the mobile view. The titles are Cosmic Horror for Clever Animals, Howling in the Void, and Dirge of the Awakened Ones. The fourth, on religion, will likely be called The Farce of Religion and the Horror of God.

      I don't lecture where I live. Not sure about meeting a reader in person. You never know who's out there. You can contact me by email, though, through my blog's Contact Form (so as not to make your email address public).