Tuesday, December 15, 2020

On Medium: Trumpism as a Revelation Of Evil

Explore the mythic dimension of Trump’s evil. What exactly is that deplorable condition, and what does it mean for a US president to have been openly inhuman?


  1. What happens in the USA also happens in Brazil. Ordinary people on average lost faith in official authorities and decided to take a risk by putting an outsider in politics (with the difference that in Brazil the current president has been part of Brazilian politics since the 1990s ... he served in the role of outsider for the masses of fanatics ignorant of its history). Another reason is the stupidification of the progressive left, more and more alienated from the problems of ordinary people, even worse than that because it has been one of the main responsible for these problems mainly in the cultural aspect abducting the arts and transforming into post modern identitarianisms, defending by immigration en masse and always opposing almost everything the common man thinks. The progressive left has not yet understood that democracy is won by popularity and that being immigrant or non-white does not mean that it cannot be conservative or that it cannot be free to vote even for those who have always opposed immigration or social justice. The progressive left still has the talent of destroying its own strategies, for example with the rise of black lives matter and soon afterwards it started to defend vandalism in properties of small and medium traders. this is called stupidity.

  2. The progressive left learned from the conservative right to lie about important topics. The left lies on racial, gender issues, seeking to demonize white men only. It is interesting that while blaming white men, including those who have no privileges, shifting the focus of progressive fronts from the most important issue of all, the class struggle, to the racial issue. The biggest fault ceases to be that of the "rich" and becomes that of the "white". therefore, we have ultra-rich celebrities who join this campaign. The lefts promise that when they come to power they will solve our problems and then when they do it is a "shit lite" as the political channel on YouTube, Juice Media, puts it. They demonize Christianity but sacrament Islam ... an example. Ordinary people get tired of it and end up handing over the nation to anyone who promises to put the world in order again, that is, in the old order.

    1. I agree more or less with that take on the situation. It's a global reaction against neoliberal establishments, a desperate search for outsider saviors, based on cynicism about status quo politics. It happened in the UK, too, with Brexit, and in other countries.

      Social media technologies may be exacerbating the tribal aspect of the culture war, so you get more polarization and cultish craziness ("identity politics") on both sides. The left champions issues the coastal elites and cosmopolitan professionals can be comfortable with, namely the politically correct social ones, while avoiding questions of structural reform, economic issues, and how the liberal parties sold out the average worker by embracing neoliberalism, free trade deals and the like.