Friday, June 4, 2021

On Medium: Why Muslims Can’t Laugh at Themselves

Read on about how desert culture and Islamic history contributed to Muslims' solemnity and oversensitivity, while Jewish history gave Jews a greater sense of humour about religion.


  1. Zionists seem pretty serious, too.

    1. Yes, but the source of that seriousness is largely political, just as there's a political element of militant Islam (jihad). I'm not saying the desert mentality is the only cause, but it's an under-appreciated one.

      The question is whether Orthodox Jews are as serious about Judaism as strict Muslims are about Islam. The answer should account for how we're all pulled in different directions by different factors. Politics and climate pull us in one direction, while our history may pull us in another.

  2. Your hypothesis reminds me of some of prof. Edward Dutton's videos on race & culture. Here's one on Norway you might like:

  3. This is pretty funny.