Friday, July 22, 2022

On Medium: Jordan Peterson’s Jumble of Grievances

Read on about how Peterson's incoherent rants on pessimism, postmodern leftism, dominance hierarchies, and social inequality, and how he bullies his audience and his critics.


  1. I always thought the white privilege was a huge exaggeration, until I began to realize just how easy it is for a white male, straight and pseudo-intellectual to have access to media and social influence.

    Another big shift in my perception was to notice how irrational a large fraction of white people are.It gets to be agonizing. A feeling that, at any moment, a mass of psychotics will invade the streets, like a zombie apocalypse.

    The popularity of a man like that is always disappointing.
    But it is also revealing. The only good thing about ideological polarization is that any mask of sanity or intelligence falls apart.

    It's all about the true reality of complex human societies: parasitism.

    And it is justly a deeper legacy of conservatism that these pseudo-intellectuals most need to hide or justify by using another name.

    But, using an ecological or more naturalistic perspective, we are all, for more or less, even the most egalitarian societies, trapped in traps created and sustained by psychopaths and sociopaths: parasites.

    And the ability to perceive this reality is basically for a creature that is being parasitized to perceive what is happening to it.

    I wonder how much money that... psycho[?] must have made.

    This is the ''no man's land'' that we call ''philosophy''.

    If you want to understand his real reason, just follow the track of profits.

    Almost every conservative has a love of money much more than really valid things: values, people, lives...

    1. I have three more articles on Peterson coming out over the next couple of weeks. The last one will delve into Peterson's motives and the source of his ideology.

      What you say about the influence of subcriminal psychopaths is consistent with some of my more cynical theses about the origins of society. The TV show "Boys" (based on a comic book series) gets at this theme of how the heroes we worship by our deeds rather than just by our words are monsters. We say we worship Jesus or the Buddha, but in reality our economies reward the most ruthless and selfish of individuals, and we long to be billionaires like them. Moreover, when you look at God's character, he too turns out to be monstrous, as I've shown in several articles.

    2. What do you think about the possible association between atheism and billionaires?

      Is it conclusive that the vast majority of billionaires and perhaps many multimillionaires are atheists?

      Are most religious leaders sincerely ''believers''?

      I always think that there are many non-believers who take advantage to parasite these groups of believers.

      I think I have already commented here on my idea or perception about the existence of two types of atheists: materialists and existentialists and their differences which are particularly expressive.