Wednesday, July 10, 2024

On Medium: Should an Immune Biden Order Trump’s Assassination?

Here's an article about the potential for exquisite poetic justice for Trump, and how the Trumpian Supreme Court revealed there’s no such thing as conservative legal philosophy.


  1. As hilarious as that scenario would be, I'm afraid the irony of it would be lost to Trump's cultists. A less deadly variation on this theme unfolded about a year ago when conservatives succeeded in banning certain books from school libraries. I know the graphic novel Maus was on the list, as was Gender Queer, Fun Home, and Perfectly Normal (a rather graphic sex ed book that dates back to the 90s) and a number of more obscure titles including a gay romance YA novel that, despite what the censors claimed, contained no actual sex acts. Free speech advocates responded by (rhetorically) suggesting that the Bible to be banned as well since it contained depictions of sex and violence every bit as graphic as anything you would find in those books. But instead of recognizing their mistake, the conservative parents just took this as a confirmation that the culture war was on and that liberals had no more reverence for the 1st amendment than they did. These people are just incorrigible fools who seem to be incapable of foreseeing the ramifications of their actions or learning a lesson when their recklessness backfires on them -- which would be their undoing if liberals had the audacity to fight them on their own terms as Biden does in your fantasy here.

    1. Well, I think foolishness would be one cause of their inability to learn the error of their ways, but a second cause would be liberals' inferiority at lying/mythmaking/selling anything. Biden certainly couldn't explain to the country why he'd have ordered Trump's assassination; that is, he couldn't sell the explanation in a compelling way. You'd need the power of a great Hollywood movie or a standup comedy act to drive home the irony with rhetorical and satirical power. Most Democrats can't do this because they're too politically correct in maintaining their professional status. They're not countercultural enough to generate great art. You might need great music, as it were, to soothe the savage beast.