Saturday, November 2, 2019

On Medium: The Meaningful Life is Storied

In addition to the articles I'll be posting here, I've decided to write articles for a more general audience, on philosophy, pop culture and politics at Medium. I'll include links on this blog to those articles, but you'll be able to read them only on Medium. 

The first of my Medium articles responds to Jared Bauer from Wisecrack, the great YouTube channel, on whether we should think of human life as a story. My article's called The Meaningful Life is Storied. You can follow me on Medium at @benjamincain8.



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Do you like the new look of this blog? I wanted to make the header less in-your-face, in case Medium features one of my articles which could bring in more traffic.

    2. I think background texture looks ugly, I understand its emotional significance for theme of the blog, but textural tiles didn't synchronized into single continuity. And from visual design standpoint, any sharp texture only distracts from primary subject of our hierarchy — reading. Consider making soft/unfocused and dark-key value looking background image with good resolution photographic quality, with no sharp details, as one continuous piece. Softened/unfocused high-resolution Hubble's photo might do the job, and theoretically it will create great contrast of depth and value, between dark vastness of space and white graphical elements of the blog on a picture plane — which might lead to more pleasing reading experience. My opinion.

    3. Well, I changed that rust texture to an outer space theme. The problem is there's no picture size that fits all computer screens, so you're supposed to tile the picture, which creates harsh lines between the tiles. I tried solving that by not tiling and leaving the outer borders black. Does that look better?

  2. It looks better than rust texture, for sure.

    What's your purpose with the blog? Do you want it to be more appealing to general eye?

    1. Maybe I'll keep experimenting with the look of it.

      The main purpose is to work out my worldview. The secondary purpose is to spread the word without losing my intellectual integrity. I've been told that the zombie image was off-putting, and I'd rather not scare away potential readers for such a trivial reason.

    2. To be honest, it looked rather funny, first time I saw it, rather than awe inspiring.

      You still can check Hubble's site, there are images with 3000+ resolution, which, probably, will suit any format without tiling, but I don't know exactly how bloggers background imaging works. With slight adjustments in softness and color balance on your personal taste it might suit well to the blog.