Monday, January 6, 2020

On Medium: What's more Absurd, God or Godless Nature?

God is absurd and so is godless nature. As this article shows, we're stuck between the bad fiction of religious scripture and the monstrousness of a mindlessly-physical universe. We should focus, then, on ending our happy-talk and developing a transhuman mindset to overcome this debacle.


  1. "The prospect of God’s existence is absurd and so is the universe in the absence of any god."

    That's golden! Is that yours or are you quoting from someone else?

    Debating God's existence became irrelevant to me once I realized that everyone seems to have their own pet definition of 'existence' (and for 'God' as well). No point in discussing anything if the parties involved can't even agree on what exactly they are discussing.

    1. That's mine as far as I know. It's where I ended up in writing that article. It started off as, "God is absurd and so is a godless universe." Maybe the simpler statement is better?

      It's funny you should say that about the foolishness of the debate about God's existence, because today I'm kicking off a series on those very theistic arguments! I'll be cutting to the chase of why I think each theistic proof is flawed. One of the articles will focus on the overall foolishness of the debate, given the difference between the God of the philosophers and the literalist's God of exoteric, folk religion.

      After that I'll do a series on what I think is essentially wrong with secularism.

      By the way, I agree with your point about how theists and atheists talk past each other. I made the same point in the article linked below, which takes the point from a philosopher of religion who spoke on a TV show I cite.