Wednesday, May 13, 2020

On Medium: Should Philosophy be Commonsensical?

This article addresses the question of whether authentic philosophers should defer to commonsense as an arbiter or instead hold human intuitions in contempt, to honour the inhumanity of the deepest truths.

Incidentally, I've added the links to my Medium articles in the Map of the Articles, for handy access to them. 

Also, I've improved the formatting of my earlier anthologies on Amazon, and added links to the table of contents in the eBook versions of them.

Cheers! And I hope you're all doing well despite the so-called end of the world.

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  1. Aggressive individualism is the law of life. I am an Individualist. I believe in the grandeur and the divinity of the individual man against the mass—Public Opinion, Church or State. An individual is a person who has no programme for any one else. I oppose all mob-ethics, mob-concepts, mob-judgments. I prefer dynamic chaos to the standardized stagnation and sterile conformity of bee-hive Socialism, Communism and Capitalism: three systems that are one at bottom; three systems that aim at the absorption of the body, blood and soul of the individual man. -Benjamin DeCasseres