Thursday, February 4, 2021

On Medium: The Christian Ethos and the Primacy of Aesthetic Meaning

This article extrapolates from Yuval Harari's comparison between organized religions and business corporations, to deal with the fictions of our collective and personal brands.

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  1. Humans needs a reason and or a meaning to live. Nonhuman animals basically obey acritically their instincts believing they are expressing the perception of integral reality. That's why they have no doubt. The role or arts or aesthetics is significant on us because we can contemplate and not just behave with an adaptative intention even i can think that contemplate is a type of adaptation. Human aesthetic necessity reflects our self awareness, our necessity to feed our selves with entertainment and also because we experiment time with more intimacy than other living beings, because we are more conscious about ourselves and then of time mercessless reflected on us. For our existential balance, the distraction is fundamental. I don't know if this deep internalization of our artificial way to organize the time make us more anxious or aware or time's implacability or if with our enhanced intelligence we perceive it and everything related with (literally everything: life, death) deeply. Our evolved capacity to perceive patterns as well our curiosity make us inevitably more melancholic, hopeless and needed of compensations, to fill the time.
    Symbols as a words are refferentials to guide us intellectually and emotionally to a world bigger than us while to the another living beings perspectives the world has the same size as them. We need arts or aesthetics because we are naturally idealistic, because this necessity to have a sense or a meaning and also our capacity to project mentally the future and at priori subjectively thought improvements.