Monday, February 22, 2021

On Medium: Why We’re All Spellbound by Myths

Here's an article on how the myth of the self makes us susceptible to religious and to secular fictions, and how those fictions are politicized, as in the case of Christian literalism.


  1. Yes, irrationality is a very human state, when personality, extrinsic and other intrinsic circumstances overshadow the simple analytical or cognitive approach. Then instead if i just analyse, compare, criticize and come up with a reasonable conclusion about god existence probability, for example, i follow my personality and personal or autobiographical history as my lighthouse of truth, i mean, myself. Also It's not possible to explain by cognition why some or many people become followers of clearly evil politicians like trump. It's happens also because personality is far more influential than cognition. Cognition is at priori just perceive and learn patterns while personality and other intrinsic stuff give the narrative, interpretation or justification to the patterns. The justification, for most of us, is more important and assymmetrical than the clarification or exposition of some fact.

  2. Myths give extra sense to things like the origin of universes cannot be just this but something radically different like god.

    The mythology passing as true religion tell to the people that everything has a separated reason or cause to their effect rather than the reason to be is always in itself. It's an inflatuated overgeneralization of extra-utility sense to the things. Like, life exist to evolve and not that, first of all, life exist for itself, to the very basic act to express itself, to live.

    In the very truth, life is at the same time, worthless and absolutely valuable. It's everything for us but it's also something which has no significant value at all.

    Most human beings don't have the capacity to embrace true complexity if they are all the time trying to reinforce their main personal narratives with superficial coherence and less capable basically incapable not to fall in evident simple contradictions.