Sunday, March 7, 2021

On Medium: Individuality: A Burden of Elites and Paupers

Here's an article on why reason, autonomy, and creativity aren’t for everyone, and the freedom that makes for individuality is for social outsiders, for the elites and paupers.


  1. ''Who, then, are the real individuals? They’re the despots and the losers, along with their potential enlightenment and objectivity and with their respective guilts and farfetched excuses.''

    Bolsonaro is a ''real individual'', then my parents aren't


    1. Indeed, the point I'm raising is whether most people really want to be individuals. If we're focused on fitting in and on belonging to a group in which we lose our personal identity and become functionaries, then we no longer stand apart as individuals. So most "people" are followers, not individuals, and individuality may not be the ideal for most of us, despite the lip service we pay to that principle. Our behaviour doesn't match up with the ideology of individualism.

    2. Individuality is not an ideological option for us humans. It's the biggest challenges we face, how preserve our individuality without becoming reckless individualistic assholes but also not a passive serf loser..(?) That's what most people struggle, to find a balance between be a king or a peasant. But being or recognizing their own self is a very human thing, self awareness. And yes, most of us, even the brightest (manytimes not the most lucid or philosophic) cannot doing anything to succumb to their our own instincts, even worse because we reflect them in our ideological prefferences in absolute ways that reinforce their supposed objective self evidence. Non philosophical ideologies* are great to sophisticate our illusion to be right about everything.

      * there is just one philosophical ideology, philosophical praxis itself.