Thursday, June 10, 2021

On Medium: The Masterful Prank of Trumpism

Here's an article on trolling, protest votes, and the satirical power of the GOP’s repugnance.


  1. I hope that you were able to see my comment regarding philosophical pessimism in your previous post, because it's not displaying from my side.

  2. Leftists all over the world not only democrats do not understand why this conservative wave is happening.

    Most of them are so stuck inside their bubbles that they can't notice what's happened.

    The left should do a self-criticism, but they prefer to blame the right for their failure or demonization in the eyes of a large percentage of the electorate.

    If the American left would start to stop overdefending multiculturalism and return to focus on the native working classes, mostly white, I am almost completely sure that it would start destroying Trumpism's electoral bases in its heart.

    The left doesn't know how to play a chess game because it thinks every advance is a victory and that every retreat is a defeat.

    ''Never back down''

    This has been the Left's Motto.

    1. It reminds me of a failing marriage in which the couple has grown apart. But when a married couple gets divorced, are both side always equally to blame? Likely both sides could have done better and have character flaws. But there's also a natural separation, when the two are no longer in the same stage of life or when they're not who the other thought they were.

      Urban and rural, highly and lowly educated Americans are literally separating from each other in a process of segregation, which makes for the gerrymandering and the polarization of the political discourse. Both sides have flaws; in particular, neither side has much self-awareness. But hypermasculine excesses are more monstrous than the hyperfeminine kind.