Monday, June 20, 2022

On Medium: Mental Illness as a Failing Departure from the Norms of Mass Illness

Here's an article about hypnotic trances, behavioural automations, delusions, and how mental illness is possible even though mental "health" is another form of illness.


  1. I wrote wrong in my comment in the other text. I don't know if it was understandable. I meant that subjective well-being is overrated in determining mental disorder, if, a priori, traits that do not cause antisocial disorders or stress in the individual are not considered symptoms.

    For example, believing in god/eternal life.

    If it does not harm the individual or others, so it is not a psychiatric symptom.

    However, it is clear that it is a delusional thought.

  2. Most people think that the normality they value and perform is the true rationality, but they are domestication rituals.