Tuesday, August 30, 2022

My sixth anthology is out on Amazon!

Here's my sixth paperback and eBook anthology, available now on Amazon. 

I have more than enough material from Medium for a seventh one, so I've split them up by topic. This sixth one focusses on pantheism, atheism, Christianity, and transhumanism, and the next one will focus on history, politics, and social issues.


  1. Are you sure you're actually the author? I seem to recall seeing a lot of these topics on Benjamin Cain's Medium feed.

    1. We're the same person. I switched to posting my articles on this blog, from 2011-2019, to posting them on Medium and posting links to those Medium articles on this blog.

    2. Yes, I was attempting to be snarky about your past attempts at publishing with Amazon.

    3. Oh, of course. I was surprised that this time there was no such trouble, which means they've either adjusted their algorithms or made a note in my file.