Tuesday, August 8, 2023

On Medium: Hotheads and Cooler Heads: How Climate Decides Who’s Free

Here's an article about how climatic zones likely affect the reception of liberalism, and why the Torrid Zone is autocratic while the cooler regions are more compromising.


  1. https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2023/08/11/1193194334/a-slightly-sadistic-experiment-aims-to-find-out-why-heat-drives-up-global-confli

    Yet more evidence for this hypothesis. Interestingly, in this experiment the only subjects who seemed to be affected by the heat were those who were already stressed out due to lack of political representation in Kenya's recent election. Those students who's ethnicity was well represented didn't behave any more aggressively than the control group. I couldn't help but think of how African-Americans are overrepresented in violent crime here in the states where they are of course under represented in government and economically disenfranchised for the most part. Is it any different in cooler Canada?

    1. Thanks for the link. It's a fascinating study, and I added it to the article. It's interesting that it was done in Africa, and the idea of extreme heat as an accelerant is intriguing.

      The article says at the end that the experiment was also done in the US, and the experimenters didn't find a similar effect. Could the prevalence of air conditioners be a factor? Being temporarily in a hot room wouldn't feel as bad if you knew that you had an air conditioned house to go back to, or if you normally work in an air conditioned office. If you work all day outside in the African heat, a hot room could be the last straw.

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