Wednesday, April 24, 2024

On Medium: Ascetics are Harbingers of Transhuman Power Over Nature

Read on about the theological ploys that hint at a noble escape from sexual degradation, and the social lows and existential highs of the ascetic renunciation of sex.


  1. But that's the rub, isn't it? The ones who would bring about this transhumanist 'Star Trek' future are predominantly losers who lack the monetary and social capital to make it happen. Meanwhile, the winners who could make it happen, have no desire to. If humans ever do establish colonies in space or on moons or other planets, you can be certain that they will do so for only the basest motives. And if they do, what then? If you live to the age of Methuselah, you will only see the same silly little dramas being played out, though on a much broader scale, on a bigger stage, and in different costumes. This is why I see the transhumanist endeavor as likely doomed from the beginning. Of course, I do not fault those who choose to embrace that hope. Hope is a cope, but we all need to hope for one thing or another. But I think the advantage that the old ascetic religions offer is that they are at once more easily implemented on the individual scale and the hope they offer is unfalsifiable. No man, no matter how brilliant he is, can build a spaceship by himself; but any man can become an ascetic. No one can prove or disprove a supernatural reality.

    1. Well, ascetic discipline is easier than building a spaceship, but it's not exactly easy for anyone with a normal sexual instinct.

      You may be right about transhumanism, but I think we should distinguish between the core concept and the science-fictional speculations. I'm currently writing an article on that distinction.