Wednesday, February 24, 2021

On Medium: Conservatism's Hollowness and the Ruse of the Political Spectrum

Here's an article on Roger Scruton, the oxymoron of "conservative thought," and why conservatism is best thought of as an instinct, not as an idea, since the idea of conservatism refutes itself.


  1. ''Again, the real division makes nonsense of that metaphor since that division stretches across history and separates animality from personhood. So-called liberalism, progressivism, or socialism are expressions of humanism, of the recognition that people are anomalous in the animal world. The dominance hierarchies of so-called conservatism are surrenders to our penchant for automating our behaviour as clever primates.''

    The conceptual essence of progressivism is the absolute or existential truth of which we are all the same.

    Conservatism is, in fact, the rationalization of absolute hierarchies in denying our existential universality.

    Conservative elites do so because they are tacitly parasitical.

    They need to manipulate the perception of people, exacerbating differences in relation to similarities.

    Divide to conquer.
    to parasite.

    But progressives end up exacerbating similarities in relation to differences because as most of idealists they confuse their ideals with current facts.

    1. It sounds like we agree about the conservatives. I'm not quite clear on your criticism of liberalism, though. Do you mean that liberals end up going for egalitarianism, because they're not realistic enough?

    2. Yes, because they tend to overgeneralize essential universal condition to be human/living being eroding known differences between men and women, races, etc... That's one of their biggest weaknesses.