Friday, July 9, 2021

On Medium: Assessing the Meaning of Life in Pixar’s “Soul”

A philosophical movie review of Pixar's "Soul," and an assessment of whether that film's life lesson can be secularized.


  1. Hello, Ben:

    Well now! If you're doing philosophical movie reviews, I highly recommend Annihilation. I think it's right up your ally.

    Good day!

    1. I've seen that movie and read the books too. I think the movie loses much of the mystery sustained by the books, especially in the descent scene. The movie is in my wheelhouse, though, as are all science fiction and many horror movies, especially those that deal with big, cosmic themes.

      I've certainly seen a great many movies and could make a series of philosophical reviews. This article on "Soul," mind you, isn't so much a review as an excuse to talk about its main lesson.

      Thanks for the suggestion.