Saturday, July 3, 2021

On Medium: Why Real Art is Priceless and Most Artists are Poor

Read on about the clash between artistic and business standards, and how the profit motive conflicts with an artist's concern with maximizing the work's quality.


  1. ''As oppressive as it used to be, the medieval Church at least assessed the inherent value of works or explicitly addressed the question of higher, spiritual merit, rather than favouring whatever has mass appeal.''

    I think the progressive left have always over--lapped an existentialist perspective on their interpretation of the world, so they place individual desires for allegedly artistic self-expression on the hard work that results in genuine masterpieces.

    It's on automatic:

    Why Not

    If it makes the person happy

    If values are subjectives
    [exacerbating subjectivity when it suits them]

    if life is short
    if everything is an illusion

    They must also think that the artwork is subject to the interpretation of the observer and not the creator himself.

    On the other hand, conservatives especially the most sophisticated do in fact understand better but not significantly the importance of beauty to the arts.

    In any case, how typical of them, they despise the deeply existentialist and even political aspect of artistic works because they tend to treat it as mere appreciation or consumption

    Art is excessively political or critical for most progressives while it is seen as a pastime for most conservatives

    One group uses the art to expand the expression of their consciousness/emotions. The other group seems to use it to distract themselves/calmdown.

    1. There should be some interesting differences in how liberals and conservatives view art. I haven't thought much about it.

      Judging from the Romantic essence of art I outline in the article, true art should be subversive and thus antithetical to conservatism. Conservatives would be inclined to prefer propaganda to art, as they did throughout the Middle Ages when art had to be theocratic.

      Then again, the wokesters have also politicized art and can't seem to tell the difference between art and propaganda, as I explain elsewhere.

      In both cases, real art goes underground, far from the mainstream culture war.

  2. It's common to see conservative fans disappointing by groups or famous artists after they've decided to support publicly for progressive causes. The most notorious case has been that of Roger Walters.

    big, big mistake