Wednesday, July 21, 2021

On Medium: Why We’re Killing Off All Wildlife

Here's an article about our apparent role as anti-natural transformers of the wilderness.


  1. ''As far as we know, organic life has no other objective purpose.''

    Only human beings know well that the biggest reason to live is... to live and not to procreate and pass the genes on.

    Nonhuman living beings do not consciously know that what else they do is live.

    Procreation is just part of the process but not the most important, from a hyperrealistic perspective.

    The most important thing is to exist, to be part of this nonsense at the same time internally absolute and externally indifferent.

  2. ''Animals are slaves to their genes, whereas people — that is, highly intelligent, creative, and ambitious animals — have a different role, judging from our historical patterns.''

    It doesn't look like that
    From what I've realized, most of the smarter ones are as dominated by their primary impulses as the less intelligent ones.
    The big difference is that they are better to rationalize their actions, including irrational ones.

    But wouldn't self-control//rationality also be genetically determined?

    The best way to find out is to ask them for self-criticism.

    Sharply good people on criticize themselves with objectivity and precision seem to be much rarer.

    ''On an individual basis, then, we may sympathize with the plight of endangered species. When we see a starving and abused animal, we feel sad or ashamed. But even that sympathy is an anthropomorphism: we’re viewing animals not as the alien slaves to their genetic programming and training that they are, but as quasi-human, as potential friends or servants (pets). We’re comparing elephants, lions, chimpanzees, and all the rest to something like starving, homeless children.''

    I still believe that you don't often live with non-human domesticated animals especially cats based on this part of the text.

    I don't anthropomorphize my cat. I treat her like a fellow living being, as well as I treat other species, with the exception of mosquitoes.

    I know my cat is not a human being, LOL
    But,i know that there are people who do this.

    My Cat is not my servant.
    It's the opposite, haha.