Monday, September 27, 2021

On Medium: Retreating to Faith When Struck by Unarmed “Militant” Atheism

Read on about why even “Backyard Church’s” easy-going Christianity is bad enough. 

This article responds to Eric Sentell's reply to my previous article on the feebleness of Dan Foster's ten arguments for Christian theism.


  1. When atheists criticize Christianity, the Christians interpret it as disrespectful -- as if the highest compliment you could pay to an idea would be to consider it beneath criticism (for nothing is above criticism). I guess that explains why Christians can be so dismissive of other belief systems.

    Dan Foster ought to be flattered that you found his ten arguments worth critiquing. It shows that you, a stranger, take his musings seriously enough to reflect on. I can't even get my own mother to attack my ideas.

    1. I think Christians would prefer neither criticism nor a dismissal but an acknowledgement of their gospel's alleged magnificence. There's a Christian commenter on my article at Medium, named Kimberly Fosu who exemplifies this timidity.

      Remember that the above article of mine responds to Eric Sentell who came to Foster's defense. In any case, Sentell's point seems to be that criticisms shouldn't be "militant." It's the combative or unapologetic tone that offends him. He doesn't seem to like the fact that atheists or skeptics can be confident in expressing their negative judgments. The strawman, then, is that all such effective negativity is "militant" or "toxic," as the woke Fosu puts it.