Thursday, December 22, 2022

On Medium: The Tension Between Winners and Losers in Life

Here's an article about the threat of the introverted, melancholy, or mentally ill person's outsider perspective on society, and why some uncool losers are quarantined to perpetuate mainstream delusions and frauds.


  1. Looking at it from multiple perspectives, I definitely do not consider myself just a pain loser, because, until now, I have managed to avoid economic exploitation. But perhaps mainly because I have awakened to ''hyperreality''

    [yes, my interpretation of this concept that differs from the concept you have been using].

  2. ''In the twenty-first century it’s cool in developed societies to be gay, as in homosexual, and other minorities may strive to make it cool to belong to their ethnicity or orientation''

    I am not seeing where that is entirely true...

    1. Well, I think it's clearest in the case of sexual orientations, rather than in ethnicities. For instance, I've seen public relations efforts on behalf of asexuality. It's "aces" to be asexual, etc. And you see the alphabet of inclusion, LGBTQ2S+.

    2. Based on my own perspective as a homo[bi]ssexual guy and knowing how compelling heteronormativity was decades ago, I agree that there has been a substantial improvement.

      But starting from the assumption that it is an extremely deep-rooted discrimination, however significant this improvement in the treatment of sexual minorities has been, because it starts from a very low base of respect for them/us, it still appears to be very superficial.

      A few months ago,i saw a survey, without the number of respondents, which showed that most LGBT individuals in Europe, and even in Western Europe, reported difficulties in publicly identifying themselves as such.

      Just a demonstration of how little and unstable this advance has been.

      We are still stumbling between the level of tolerance and open discrimination, whereas the ideal would be to already be at the levels of acceptance and naturalization.