Monday, December 5, 2022

List of My Earlier Writings

My "Map of the Articles" has grown too long to edit. It crashes my internet browser, so I've had to break up the list into two parts: before and after Medium. 

Here are the older articles, the ones I wrote before I switched to writing on Medium.

Earlier Writings:



Philosophy of Religion



Liberalism and Conservatism

Liberals and Conservatives, Humanists and Animalists

The Hidden Divide Between Conservatives and Liberals 

The Ironies of Political and Economic Freedoms

Clash of Worldviews: The War for Social Justice

Clash of Worldviews: Political Edition

Liberalism: From Scientism to Nihilism



Pop Culture

Untangling Modernism and Postmodernism 

Civilization requires Myths, and Myths are Absurd

Philosophy and Social Engineering

The Pointing

What Leads the Empty Suits? 

Social Justice and Existential Cosmicism

Commiserating in the Undead God 

Science and Aesthetic Morality 

Pragmatism, Naturalized Platonism, and Freewill: A Conversation

Satirical News Reports

Man Discovers Awful Truth, Shames Mass Media

Tea Party Advocates Destruction of All of America (Except for its Golf Courses)

Wild Animals of America Party accuses Republicans of Thinking too much

Mass Murderer calls Republicans soft on Satanic Values 

Polls show increased Respect for Republican Shamelessness 

Republicans Deploy Demonic Microphones used by Hutus in Rwandan Massacre

Talking Points should be delivered to Empty Rooms, Politicians and Journalists Agree 

Backward-Walking Politician has Limited Use of Political Platitudes

Americans Debate whether they Get Stuff Done 

American Voter Turnout shrinks to Six People in 2028 

"Inappropriate," the Power Elite's Ubiquitous Euphemism 

Liberal Morality Emasculating, argues noted Political Pseudoscientist 

Researchers discover why Republicans are Evil and Democrats are Cowards 

Sole Survivor of a Flurry of Mass Shootings Opposes Firearms Regulation

Robopundit Alex Castellanos soft sells Republican Anarchism

U.S. Steps Up Iraq's Military Training by Attaching American Heads to Iraqi Bodies

American Hypocrisy Fuels Interdimensional Starship

President Trump Confined to White House, Refuses to Take Revolving Door

CIA Digs up Dirt on President Trump, Forms New Planet 

Sign on Trump's Lapel Provides Running Tally of his Lies 

Trump Orders Obama's Presidency be stricken from the Historical Record 

President Trump attended Secret Workshops to learn how to Lie like a Politician

DNC Discovers Secret of Transformational Leadership

Comedians Replace Democrats to Oppose Psycho Clown Republicans 

God condemns Conservative Bullies for Opining on Comedy

Coalition of a Hundred Countries goes to War for Regime Change in the United States 

Republicans and al Qaeda face Conundrum of how to Continue their Escalating Evil 

Democrats begin Impeachment Proceedings on the Grounds that Donald Trump is an Old Man 

God praised for outfitting Donald Trump with Self-Destruct Button 

Liberals accused of Insensitivity for mocking Mentally-Disordered President Trump

Putin contends Trump wasn't Competent enough to have Colluded with Russia 

Russian Intelligence Operative reveals why Putin helped Elect Donald Trump 

President Trump Murders Alt Right Conservatives, their Ghosts still Support him 

The Creature of American Democracy Battered and Hunted under President Trump 

World's Religious Leaders Pray for President Trump's Comeuppance, to Restore God's Good Name 

Donald Trump, the Antichrist, is "Close Enough to Christ," said Evangelical Leader  

President Trump's Audacity Awarded Democrats Political Immunity for Two Centuries, said Political Pseudoscientist 

Open Letter to President Trump, from the Entertainment Industry 

Mueller passes Ongoing Investigation to Granddaughter, years after Trump finished Second Term 

Trump's Voters Smarter than Liberals, study shows 

Are All Americans Guilty of Hate Crimes against President Trump? 

Kleptocrat Playsets (Batteries not Included)

Democrat employs Strange Tactic in Defeating President Trump

Mueller and Trump: Partners in Crime 

Robert Mueller: The Knight who Tripped over his Lance 

What Crazy Nonsense will replace Trump on Mainstream News Outlets?

Consumer Protection Law Humbles Politicians and Mass Media

Tribal Antics of Canadian Question Period melt Face off of Skull

Torontonians fear Mayor Rob Ford's Scandals make their City too Interesting 

Canadians urge Ukrainians to seek Peace through Dullness 

Canadians Obsessed with American Politics, seek to Vote as Honourary Americans

Wall Street Banks' Financial Dealings stump the Lord Almighty 

G7 Leaders remind President Trump how American Economic Imperialism works

Feudalism Reinstituted in Suckersland where One Man Owns Everything

Millionaire tricks CNN into Stopping its Coverage of Missing Malaysian Plane 

Pope Francis's Superficial Christlikeness is Miraculous, Observers Say

Rush Limbaugh blasts Pope Francis and the Jesus he rode in on

Victims of Ice Storm learn Horrible True Meaning of Christmas 

Cosmos Show embroiled in Legal Controversy with Churches

Christians buy "What would an Iron Age yokel do?" bracelet 

Duck Dynasty and American Social Cohesion in Jeopardy, Experts Warn 

Evil Industries Imitates Scientology at Trial over Fraud
Hardline Atheists Condemn Sleep and Sex as Irrational 

Prophet of Doom cheated out of his Due Respect

Hotheads' Violence caused by Hot Climates, Study finds

Hope for Sufferers from Crazy Uncle Syndrome

Promise for Baldness Cure Causes Social Rifts 

Man with Skin Cancer loathes Doctors, Dies without Medical Treatment 

Surgeons are Heroic for facing Blood and Guts without Puking, says Surgeon

Toy Mandibles Empower Weak-Jawed Masses 

Deaf Inventor of Leaf Blower Unveils new Noisy Devices 

Computer Program Translates Ordinary English into Shakespearean Verse

A Cocktail of Journalistic Insights 

CNN Lobbied Oxford Dictionary to Add the Word "Russianoligarch"

Newscasters Normalize their Relations with Our Alien Overlord Tromp 

CNN replaces Serious Commentary on Trump's Presidency, with Constant Laughter

News Media Confuse Viewers by speaking as if all Oligarchs are Russian 

News Channel treats Politics as Theater 

Mainstream News Anchor proves he understands Trump's Presidency by repeatedly Punching himself in Face 

American Parents Love Guns more than their Children, study shows

Fashion Industry schemes to punish Men by turning Women into Freaks 

Footnote added to the Hollywood Sign, reminding Starlets to "Expect to be Molested" 

Hollywood Reboots itself, giving Creative Class power over Studio Executives and Producers 

Disney Studios rooting for the Evil Empire in Future Star Wars Films, says Hollywood insider

Man Mocked for Alleging his Female Boss Sexually Assaulted him 

Sexual Battle Lines drawn between Toxically Masculine Trolls and Devious Lesbian Feminists, argues Social Scientist 

Woman sues Women Studies Feminists for preventing her from Sleeping her way to the Top 

Documentary examines Movie Star's Reluctance to Play God

Club Punishes Talk Show Audiences for Drowning out Guests with Lingering Applause 

China officially Adopts Infantilized America in 2047

Wealthy Man replaces his Sexist and Racist Thoughts with Clones to silence Critics

Homophobic Man struggles with his Fear 

Man sues Porn Industry for making Sex Boring

Study shows Men secretly Resent Women's Phatness 

Lonely Single Man seeks someone just to Laugh at his Jokes 

Beautiful Women conceal their Hotness to attract Nice Guys

Young Woman miraculously ignores her Beauty and studies Philosophy 

Uglies on the Outskirts scheme to lure Beauties away from Big Cities

Man with Tourette Syndrome Makes Fools of us all

Embittered Man Opens Shelter for Regretful Advertisers 

Smart Phones Turn their Users into Assholes, Researchers say 

Starving Artists call the Internet a Vast Communist Conspiracy 

Last Remaining Internet Author Paid accidentally by Parakeet

Life Coach Recommends Obsessive, Idiosyncratic Behaviour to Earn Immortality by Word Coinage 

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